Edumacation? What has it become?

The other day I was talking to a friend about world history. He knew all about the World Wars, the Plague, the Holocaust, the Cold War, the American Revolution, the Civil War, etc. But guess what he didn’t know much about other than his rise and fall? Stalin.

Yes, Joseph Stalin. Possibly the most murderous man in human history, but that part wasn’t in his history book. It didn’t mention how Stalin killed possibly 60 MILLION people. We hear all about Hitler and the Holocaust, but do you realize that Hitler killed less than 1/3 of the people Stalin killed? Whoa, crazy right?

Did you know that I’ve never heard much about Pol Pot during my entire academic career? Did you know that he killed nearly a quarter of the Cambodian population?

What about Mao in China? Did you know that he is responsible for the deaths of nearly 40 million of his own people? I have never heard him mentioned in the classroom.

So we all think of Hitler as the most evil man… but these there’s two that top him and one that comes close. The reason this is important for us today? All of these men were Communists of some sort, and that seems to be the biggest, but not the only, cause for the mass murders. So maybe, just maybe Communism/socialism isn’t a great idea, right?

And to see where this country is going…

Why Obama’s lieutenants love Mao

So why is this stuff not taught? I already said why it is important, so what’s the deal? Some say that there’s too much history to cover it all… so hit the big things, and these seem to jump out as some of the biggest. Others say its not necessary. But a fool is one who doesn’t learn from others mistakes as well as his own, and we can prevent another Stalin or Mao if we see what happened the first go ’round.

I could get all conspiracy theory about how the government this and the government that, but I think its the simple fact that our politicians, of all parties, want us to be out of the loop so that they can tell us what we want and need. Why would they do this? Again, refraining from the conspiracy ideas, I would have to say they are selfish and power hungry and don’t care what they have to do to get what they want. “Knowledge is power,” right? So if we have no knowledge, we have no power.

Comments encouraged, especially about the video, which I honestly thought was faked until looking into it a little more. HA, Mao as a role model? That’s ludicrous.


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