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Newtonian Time and Space in Today’s World
This is my final paper for my philosophy capstone class on Newton. Started writing it with intentions of merely surveying time and space “theories” and if Newton’s conceptions could fit into any contemporary categories. Instead, i ended up convincing myself that a Lorentzian interpretation of the Special Theory of Relativity, along with the existence of God, may in fact save the foundation of Newtonian mechanics.

3 Timothy: The Tebowsiah
Some fun a few friends are having. Please don’t take any of it seriously, it is all a joke. But spread it around to friends if you would like, as this is solid stuff. These guys are talented. (helps that both are in the ministry i guess)

Jesus as God
A pretty comprehensive list of biblical verses in regards to Jesus as deity. I originally wrote this for a friend who is a Jehovah’s Witness, but figured that it would be of help to others as well.

Eschatological Views
A decent summary of some of the different eschatological views. A few scripture references that I found important to most of the views, but are interpreted different ways.

Wittgenstein Paper
If you have ever been interested in Wittgenstein or have read that Philosophical Investigation, here is a paper about one of the topics he discusses in it, namely, “going on.” I had a class on him this quarter and this was my final paper.

Here are some papers that I wrote for a Philosophy of Science class recently. Not to brag, but simply for some credibility, all received As.

Reconciling Empiricism, Naturalism, Realism… or Not?

Ravens Paradox, a solution?

Reductionism and Multiple Realization

Normal Science

Mary the Color Scientist Objection and Objection to the Objection

Critique of Bloor’s Strong Programme


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